The Kamchatka Peninsula contains almost 300 volcanoes, 30 of which are active. It is home to the Kronotsky and Komandorsky State Nature Reserves, including five natural parks, a state reserve and more than a hundred natural monuments. The most famous volcanoes in Kamchatka are Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Mutnovsky, Bezymianny, Koryaksky, Avachinsky and Vilyuchinsky. The valley of geysers is especially appealing to travelers. This is the only geyser field in Eurasia; it is one of the seven wonders in Russia and is listed in World Heritage by UNESCO.
Kamchatka is a corner of the world almost untouched by civilization.

Ethnographic excursions
Freeride and Heliski
The Kuril lake
Biosphere reserve

Valley of Geysers

This field is one of the largest geyser fields in the world and the only one in Eurasia. The valley of geysers is situated in Kamchatka in Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve.
The valley is a deep canyon of the Geysernaya River where multiple geysers, hot springs, mud pools, thermal areas, waterfalls and lakes make up an area of about 6 km 2 . This limited-sized territory has an abnormally high level of biodiversity, and high contrast in its natural conditions and microclimate.

Commander islands

The Commander Islands are an archipelago of four islands located in the southwestern part of the Bering Sea in the Pacific Ocean. They are an administrative extension of the Aleutian Islands in Kamchatka Krai in Russia. The Islands are named after Commander Vitus Bering, the seaman who discovered them in 1741. He was buried on the Bering Island — the largest of the islands. The Commander Islands represent a blend of Russian and Aleutian cultures. They have huge potential for the development of tourism in the North.

In 2005, the Islands were included in the provisional list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Boat trips

Boat trips in Avacha Bay’s waters. Tri Brata is a natural monument made of rocks. You can enjoy fishing and sea delicacies there.

Babushkin Kamen Island is home to a bird colony, tufted puffins, cormorants and sea eagles. Don’t miss the opportunity to see throngs of seals at their breeding grounds, as well as whales and killer whales who have come into the bay from the Pacific Ocean.